Monday, February 15, 2010

One happy song bird

I'm not one for using patterns. Basically I don't really know how to use them. That is the reason that I don't make many attempts at apparel... yet. I'm hoping to take on a refashioning project soon. But that is something that will have to be an on-the-side project that I get at when I get the supplies and the courage. As for now, I stick to making up my own stuff. This has pros and cons. I love making something new and something fast. Often I try to go so fast that I don't make little patterns of what I am working on and therefore don't bother to attempt to make more. But I made a pattern for this one, and boy am I happy I did. It was pretty simple, something I could accomplish in a few hours if I work at it, and it's pretty versatile.

This is my pretty little song bird. One happy song bird. I'm mean, it has a flower on it's neck, what's not to sing about? I was up until 1:00 working on it the other night, and I was so giddy when I finished that I was close to waking my husband just to show him. I have a few scraps of fabric that I thought would be so perfect on a bird, and I am so glad I tried making one.

The flower is made from combining a couple of yo-yos. I found a little tutorial on them on the Heather Bailey blog. You can learn how to make them here.

There are so many ways of making fabric flowers. I've always liked looking at what people come up with, but I never thought they would be so intriguing or satisfying to make. Such a fun embellishment! I think now all I make is going to be covered in dazzling-popping flowers.
I'm hoping to do another giveaway soon. I need to figure out a few kinks before I host another one. I'd love to have a giveaway a month, that would be so fun! Come back and find out when I've figured out how to make them run smoother!


Lydia Nelson said...

this is adorable. selling?

Becka said...

She is in the shop as of today :)


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