About Us

Becca and CK are sisters who enjoy keeping in touch over the internet and planning projects together.

A couple of years ago Becca opened Bedtime Tales, an online toy shop through Etsy which eventually evolved into Becca Marie Designs.

This blog (made by Bedtime Tales) soon developed once the shop was up and running.
Joined by CK, the two like to record their favorite on-line finds, DIY crafts/printables, family recipes, and other home adventures.

Some highlights from this blog include 
Becca's toys

You can find us elsewhere on the web at:

We (Becca and CK) LOVE to connect with readers so please leave a comment and we will definitely get your message!  

Here's area few more things from us:

I am a creator, sidekick, friend, and artiste.  My husband is going to school and I stay at home with our small kids.  I don't have much time to make children's toys, but I treasure the spare moments when I do.  I am currently pursuing new creative projects like handmade jewelry and embroidery.  I hope each of my creations makes it into the hands of a story time lover.  -Becca

I'm a Navy wife, a friend, a mommy, a sister in faith.  When my sister Becca started to keep a blog about Bedtime Tales, I jumped in as a faithful follower.  Eventually, I wanted to do more and even add a few of my own creative ideas to the project.  Becca consented and brought me on as a fun friend and advocate for all her great stories, toys and crafts!  -CK


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