Saturday, May 22, 2010

obvious construction fail

I've been wanting to make something for my cousin's new daughter.  I've been through several patterns.  Nothing seems to come out just right. 
I basically dream of finding a (free) teddy bear pattern that is simply adorable.
This was my past venture.  I found the pattern on the internet described as an 'easy bear pattern'. 
It looked simple enough.

And yet... I was just utterly disappointed with how she turned out.
The pouchy pointy tummy and nose shown in the picture are actually after I altered them and tried to take them in a bit.  
The head seems a little wide, and squat.
And the legs cross naturally unless the bear is sitting down.

I will venture to say that I obviously had no sewing skills in this project and have no idea how to read a pattern.

Alas, this bear will never be sewn shut.  Stuffing is just too precious to me.
And I'm hoping I can cut up enough scraps of the material to make something new.

Any fails lately?  Something that just plain did not turn out how you had expected?  
....I'm hoping I'm not the only one :)


andreamichelle said...

I understnad how frustrating it is to try to make something and not have it turn out right. When I was little I was constantly trying to make things, and I always tried to do it my own way without a pattern, so they never turned out right. I plan to some day learn how to read a pattern, even though I find them tedious. :)

Marie said...

I think you're very brave to try out so many new things. I tend to stick with a tried-and-true pattern. I made a stuffed animal once, but it was from a fabric panel I found @ Wal-Mart. Maybe they would have something inexpensive?

My name is Becka said...

Andrea, I hear you, I wish I could whip things up with no pattern. I've never tried the fabric panels. This sounds like a genius idea!


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