Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today's conclusion:  No living things should ever glow.

I was in my darkening bedroom this evening, fishing some clothes out of a dresser drawer, when something glinting caught my eye.  I looked up towards my closet and spotted the first firefly I had ever seen in my life.

In my closet.

It's little rear end was blinking on and off like no tomorrow with an eery greenish light.
Now you may think it amusing that I would be so worked up about this, but I am from Utah, I have never seen a firefly before.  I reacted in the most refined manner and jumped up and ran across my bed screaming so high I think the mosquitoes were annoyed by me.
But I had reason,
The thing was spitting fire!

Anyway, I soon regained composure and yes, I am a bug killer.  I used the trusty fly swatter with an understandably long handle, and well, swatted him.
I happened to have gotten him while his lights were on.

And then I took a picture because I'm like that.


The Rowleys said...

I LOVE "lightening bugs"! As kids we used to run and catch them in the dark-it was so much fun. Granted, once bugs trespass into my space they usually suffer a cruel death. (Sophie helps by repeatedly whacking them with a shoe--i HATE box elders!) J's a Utah boy so when we spent time in Baltimore he looked like a little kid laughing and chasing fireflies-it was pretty awesome.

andreamichelle said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA this post is pretty dang funny. :)

Carrie K said...

lol, becky

Ms. Understood said...

I remember when I moved to Maryland and I saw one for the first time and they freaked me out too. I'm a bug squasher too. LOL @ taking the picture post swat.

liz said...

you are funny! i can't imagine what it would have been like for you if it was an actually scary bug. :)

Rob said...

Funny that is still glowed after it was dead!

If you smash the butt you can spread the liquid on your skin and you will glow. Gross I know but don't think about it and it's fine.

K. Rock said...

Yowzers that thing is creepy!! Seems like I haven't seen a lightening bug since I was a kid.


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