Monday, June 21, 2010

Best chocolate cake ever.

Hey ya'll.

As requested, I am posting a link to what I consider the very best chocolate cake ever.
Sure, I'll use a box for some things.  Like cupcakes for a preschool party maybe, but if I ever want to really make a (chocolate) cake, this is the only one I will consider.

I think my favorite part is that you can taste the cocoa.  It has it's own flavor.  mmmmmm

It is called the Collector's Cocoa Cake, and can be found here, on Hershey's website.  It takes me forever to find every time I lose the recipe and have to google it again, so it will be nice to have a link to it on the blog.

I think the only part where I sway from the recipe is when I use cream cheese frosting instead of the recommended buttercream or peanut butter frostings (although the latter sounds mighty tasty).

Try it!  Even if you have absolutely no other excuse than that you are trying out a new recipe.

I made it recently for my husband's birthday.  I accidentally measured out the sugar with a '1/3' measuring cup instead of a '1/4' measuring cup, and only noticed when I had already added a few more ingredients.  Fortunately my husband is a math wiz and he was able to sit down and calculate the changes for the rest of the ingredient's measurements for his own cake.  We ended up with a lot more cake than we could handle, but still so good.

Now before you get the wrong idea and wonder why I could be so uncreative, basically copying the photo from the Hershey website (and poorly done at that.  I just can't figure out how you get the messy cake look...), I'd like to make a correction here.
asked my husband what he wanted.  A dinosaur perhaps?  You know maybe a green or a blue one with big bright spots?  One with big feet?  A long neck?  
What's that?  Oh, you want one just like the one you had last year.

We really should have had some friends over, overindulging is just too easy when there is a whole cake (plus some) needing to be eaten.  Just sitting there.  On the counter.  With a fork resting on the plate.

Really, I think I've eaten three pieces today, and little else.


Ms. Understood said...

It sounds delicious!! Happy belated birthday to your husband.

Tina said...

Wow! That sounds sooo tasty:) Let us know when the baby comae

Carrie K said...

Mmm I am gonna make this cake for my husband's birthday tomorrow!

andreamichelle said...

this sounds really good! Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

Thanks for visiting the Herbal Philosophy blog. This looks amazing. I have recently discovered a new appreciation for all things chocolate. I may make this for my husband's birthday too!

Carrie K said...

Ok so I made it! And it turned out SOOOOOOOOOO good... but not near as cute considering that the kids dug their plastic spoons into the sides and made it spill its crummy guts out

My name is Becka said...

Crummy guts. haha

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake, at 9 am sounds yummy! I have a recipe for a Texas sheet cake, that I avoid making unless I am having a party or need to take to a party, as I may do like Becka, and eat WAY more than I need to!

Katherine said...

It sounds divine! I especially love the chocolate curls on the top. I'm pretty sure that if I made this cake with the peanut butter frosting, my husband would actually worship me.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

This is not going to help me lose those last 25 pounds...


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