Saturday, June 26, 2010

Firecracker Wreath - tutorial

Hey there!

In celebration of the coming month, I thought I'd make a firecracker wreath for my door.  I snapped a few photos along the way so I could make an easy tutorial for you.  I love how this wreath turned out, and I am excited about the technique because really you could use any fabrics, colors, or themes you wanted for different holidays.

I used the same grapevine wreath I purchased and used for my Curtsy to Spring wreath.  These can be found at most craft stores, and are super cheap.

First, cut out a bunch of little scraps.  I cut out a ton, above is just a sampling of the fabrics I chose.

To make the raggy part of the wreath, string all of the little scraps onto a long strong piece of thread.  Make sure to fold up the pieces like little fans so it creates the above scrunched effect.

Cute out some stars.  Two pieces of fabric for each star.

Sew along the edge.  I wanted a shaggy look, so I just sewed along the outside.  Then stuff them slightly before you sew them shut. 

Take a minute to arrange the string of scraps and the stars around the wreath.  Play with it for a bit until it looks how you want.  

Hot glue the pieces on.

And that's it!  Such an easy afternoon activity.  

I really am a poor holiday decorator.   Most of the time I just don't think about decorating for a coming holiday until it is past.  I am trying to start small, maybe one new piece to add to my collection each year.  

How do you guys keep up on it all?


andreamichelle said...

I LOVE wreathes, and this one is beautiful!! I haven't decorated much in the past for holidays, I want to do better. I think doing a little at a time is a good idea, that way you really love what you do end up buying or making, instead of just buying it all at once and having it be just decorations~ if that makes sense.

Marie said...

I love the scrunched fabric! I always think I will do better at decorating each year, but pretty much the only holidays I have decorations for are Christmas and Halloween.

Bri said...

very cute, I'll have to try this one when my holdiday scrap collection gets built up.


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