Friday, June 11, 2010

happy happy

Alicia at Beautiful Mess is collecting smiles and sharing them on the blog.
I love this idea and I would just like to review what makes me happy; 
what incites a smile...

Yes, nutella and a spoon.  Just a spoon.  And the nutella of course.

Eyelet lace.  Ever since I was little this has been one of my happinesses.  My baby blanket from my grandmother was surrounded in it.

Fresh peaches awaiting their jam-hood.

Grapefruit spoons.  Need I say more?

Dried pineapple and bananas.  Or basically anything my husband and I can get our hands on that can survive a dehydrator.

Radish sandwiches.  And avocado sandwiches.  With cheese.
Mmmmm!  Just the thought of it makes me smile!

Finding hair clips for my daughter like the ones I had when I was a kid.
I especially love the coral one.

Homemade bread.  In this case Amish friendship bread.  Ooooooooh am I glad I tried it.  Too bad it's so darn unhealthy.  And it sort of takes a lot of work to keep it going.

Melted swiss cheese and salt.  Umm, like with a fork.  This is one of those weird things you just have to try.  My mom got me hooked.  I actually really dislike swiss cheese, but this is just something you will have to test out for yourself.

Which makes me curious, my personal belief is that everyone has some type of quirky cravings that no one else would understand.  Do share!

And then I thought I'd share a few things that make me frown.

Like purchasing salt and vinegar chips, having never tasted them before, and learning that it isn't such a good combination...

Or finding that your beautiful mango smells like tuna fish when you peel into it...

and discovering a batch of newly hatched baby beetles underneath a leaf of your beloved pepper plant :(
Ok this one is kind of cool, seeing as I felt compelled to take a picture of the little tykes.  Just don't let them start crawling anywhere near my skin!

Good thing I have other things to focus on.  The above little girl for example.

What makes you happy?  What makes you smile?

By the way,  you guys are so nice.  All of your comments make me smile.  Just the fact that you like to share your thoughts and ideas with us makes me feel like this isn't such a one-sided conversation.

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Matt and Jeanette said...

You are awesome!! Love the bog- I love the way you write- it so- pretty. I don't know the right word for it. But it makes me happy. Swiss cheese and salt...I like both of those things...perhaps I will have to try them together. You know Heather (in our ward, Alcia's mom) anyway, she introduced me to mustard and doritos. Not bad actually- gives them a little bit of if they need it. See you soonish!!

Ms. Understood said...

Anything cheesy, chocolate, shopping, high heeled shoes, the beach (in the Virgin Islands), my husband and reminiscing about the good times.

I totally remember every single one of those hair clips. I had them all. I love your list, really cool stuff.

Robyn Knight said...

Funny that you love grapefruit spoons. I love soup spoons. They make me ridiculously happy. Rainy days with a good book, listening to all the Knight children tell stories, grilled cheese sandwiches dunked in chocolate mike. YUM! Things that make me unhappy are chairs that haven't been pushed in and when my feet don't touch.....weird i know.

Carrie K said...

cheese sandwhiches and chocolate milk? haha! wow, that's great. maybe I'll try it some day. As for swiss cheese and salt? maybe...

Carrie K said...

Random thing. I saw one of those hair clips yesterday on the church water fountain... some kid left it.

Lydia Nelson said...

OOOookay.. Robyn? Grilled cheese sandwiches and milk? I don't think we are related. ;) jus' kiddin.
What makes me happy? Spaghetti, and hummus. Actually, I always say that the noodles are just a way to get to the cheese and sauce (I lOVE cheese!!), and the chips are only a way to get to the hummus :)

Leah Rubin said...

Wow, this is a great find! Just caught sight of you on SITS, and I am glad I did!

Come visit me, too, at I'll make you a cup of coffee!


Heather said...

Wow... this is such a simple, clean and creative blog! Love it. And those hair barrettes bring back so many childhood memories. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

alicia said...

Love the list!! And accompanying photos. Cucmumber and avocado sandwiches together or separate? And funny that you didn't care for the salt and vinegar chips. They have become a fav of mine. But you must eat approximately 8 chips. I should blog about it. Then you are hooked for life. True. Thanks for making me smile!!!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Sometimes I just crave a spoonful of peanut butter dipped into chocolate chips so the chips stick all over the peanut butter. YUM! If I have crunchy peanut butter even better!


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