Monday, October 18, 2010

Learning new things

I've been wanting to learn the beautiful stitches that come with embroidery for a long time.  I've seen so many amazing pieces of embroidered art, I decided to begin trying to teach myself.

I obviously need a lot of work.
It seems I had to get worse before I could get any better...

And no, that isn't the back,
this is:

I'd love for you to learn with me!  Every once in a while I'll update a few posts with easy practice projects and links to amazing artists and tutorials.

If ever you want a fun little hobby to pick up that isn't too expensive, this one sure is fun.


andreamichelle said...

I love doing embroidery, thats actually one thing I can do. If I was nearby I would help you. Good luck, and I bet you will be awesome before long.

Marie said...

Marilyn has a lot of embroidery stuff. The ribbon embroidery is especially pretty and I think she has a video to show the basic stitches. I have a hard time getting past cross stitch, but it is so rewarding to be working with your hands. Good luck!

Papgena Made It said...

I had two aunts that were embroiders (for more than 4o years). Unfortunatly I only learn a few of the basic stitches.
But look to this blog:
and to this one:
I think that you'll be inspired!

My name is Becka said...

Papgena, thank you for the info! I love the needlenthread site:)

Andrea, I would die of happiness if you could craft with me. I miss you so much!


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