Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preschool Activity: Snakes, Shapes and Snacks

Have you ever put your meals in a muffin tin?
Just switching up your presentation of a meal can really encourage your preschoolers to eat!

This website {click here} has tons of ideas to make snacks and meals for muffin tins.

Alright, today's Preschool Activity has to do with shapes and colors.
I learned this activity from my wonderful preschool-teaching mentor.

She cut a spiral into a paper plate like this:

I drew a smiley face in the center of the plate to represent a snake's face.
When you hold on to the tip of the plate, the plate hangs down in a spiral:

This day I was teaching the kids about shapes and colors. So I drew a few shapes on the snakes "body" and then asked the kids to paint them different colors.
ie "paint the triangle blue, the square purple, the crescent orange, etc"

We had a lot of fun with this activity.
Surprisingly, these snakes are hard to photograph.
It's difficult to capture the depth and dimension they give to the room as they hang in a spiral. They really add to the decorations, I believe ;)

Here was the book I shared with the kids on that day:

I love that this book helps children find shapes in every-day activities.
A few days later my son was eating a granola bar and he said, "Look Mom! My granola bar is in the shape of a rectangle!"


CraftyMummy said...

Cute snakes - and easy too. I have two home sick today so we might have to make some snakes to fill our day ;)

Liz said...

What a great idea for using the muffin tins. I have to say, I may need to put my own meals in muffin tins to make things more interesting!


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