Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume Parade part II

Hey there!  Becka here.
I was unfortunately unable to get very good pics of my daughter this weekend for Halloween, thus this post was a little late in coming because I had to wait to dress her up and take pictures again.

Now I have to confess something to you.  I love Halloween.  But that's not what I was going to confess. My secret is that it is so hard for me to make costumes.  I know its strange.  I love to sew, and do crafty thingies, but I can never muster up enough zeal to go and make a costume.  In fact last year we didn't really do much for Halloween at all.  I think it will help when we actually live in a home that can participate in trick-or-treating.  Our apartment has had only one trick-or-treater in the past two years.

But having a two year old changes things a bit.  I remember having a blast dressing up as a kid, and I didn't feel justified in not providing that for Lizzy.  Soooooo,
here is what we came up with.

Can you tell?

She's a black cat!  
Haha, okay, I actually did make more of a costume than just ears and a tail, just look at the last pic in this post.  The past couple of weeks here in VA were freezing, so I thought I'd make a costume that was super warm.  I turned a baby footed onesie inside out and copied the pattern a bit while enlarging it.  I'm glad the fabric was black because the color is forgiving.  There are a lot of bunched up pieces that you just don't notice.  But this is dressup, so no big deal.

Anyways, as I said, the past few weeks were freezing, and then the few days right before Halloween heated up super duper.  So then, not wanting to sweat my child to death, I decided to make an extra tail and sew it on to some pants (it can easily be removed) for when we went to little parties and such.

She loooved the tail.
And I actually loved the dressed down version of this costume a bit more that the full on cat outfit.

Although I'm super excited about having this thing around, because it is something that she can dress up in whenever she wants, not just for Halloween.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Dress-ups are the best...year-round!

Liz said...

Hey there, little kitty!

andreamichelle said...

I think it's a very cute costume! good job!

Papgena Made It said...

Oh love the little black cat! So cute!
Don't you celebrate Carnival???


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