Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ornaments Galore!

Every year I like to make some ornaments that remind me of the kids.
This year we made silhouette ornaments, like these.  
(Jocelyn does a great job at blogging, btw.  Check out all her crafts! ;)

I did this project a little different than Jocelyn so here is my tutorial:

First I traced around some pictures of the kids with my Pages program.
I made all the silhouettes 2 inches high and printed them on black construction paper 
and cut them out.
Didn't know you can print on black construction paper, did you?
Ya, check these out.

I cut out some round pieces of THICK cardboard.
I nailed a hole at the top of each one.

I also chose some scrapbook paper and cut the paper the same size.  I punched a hole in the paper right at the place where I nailed a hole through the cardboard circles.

Then I mod podged the paper to the cardboard
(that part was pretty fun)

My son helped me glue his own silhouette to the ornament.  It was fun to help my son identify who was who in the silhouettes (we even had my dog's silhouette in the mix).

For detail, I added glitter glue to the edge of the ornament,

And then I slipped a hook through the hole and added a ribbon. 

It was fun and made a nice handmade ornament gift for the grandparents.

And remember that egg ornament my sister made?

Well, it turns out you can make the same ornament with colored pencils, too!
(I was struggling with the paint)

This ornament is for a special someone in the military ;)
note the flag in Santa's sack

And, unfortunately, I sent this one away before I took a finished picture of the product.
But that is a sketch of Santa standing next to a reindeer... and a penguin ;)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love you, blog world!  
See you Christmas day with a picture of my gingerbread house!  
(if it doesn't collapse before then, anyway)



Jocelyn Christensen said...

Your ornaments look fantastic! I had no idea about the printing on black paper...the things I learn from you! Merry Christmas!!

Irina said...

They're so lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to both of you and your families

SHARM said...

I love this and didn't know you can print on black construction paper... have a wonderful christmas... and thanks for visiting my blog and the first to follow it... it meant a lot to me...

CraftyMummy said...

Merry Christmas, CK and Becka! Hope you have a lovely day!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Beautiful hand-made ornaments -- Merry Christmas to you guys, CK and Becca!
P.S. CK: I wrote you an email... haven't heard from you... You had won my blog's giveaway and I was wondering if you received the package?

Liz said...

Those ornaments are fantastic! What a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial!

Kasey said...

I love my egg ornament!!


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