Friday, April 29, 2011

Broccoli Soup in a Bread Bowl and the best, darn Peanut-Butter cookies you've ever had!

Ever since Mommie Cooks was featured on SITS I can not help returning to this site multiple times!!!  She makes fabulous family-friendly recipes that are just to-die for (next up on my to-make-list is that yummy looking salmon burger)!

She posted this Irish Soda bread recipe for St. Patrick's day but I have made it multiple times as a side dish for dinner since then.  

I like to use whole wheat flour and some green vegetable puree (ie cooked kale) as a substitute for the butter.
The bread is really dense but it is great for making bread bowls:

I doubled the recipe in order to make two bread bowls.  One for my husband and one for me.
I cut a small circle around the "x" in the top of the bread loaf and scooped out the middle for the bread bowl.
I served the kids soup and "bread-chunks" (the soft bread that I scooped out of middle of the loafs).

I like to use a weight-watcher's recipe for my broccoli soup. 
Basically I cook some broccoli (sometimes carrots/cauliflower/potatoes/onions as well)
in chicken broth with a few other choice spices.
When the broccoli is soft and cooked through, I add a big chunk of velveeta cheese to melt and make the soup creamy.
{Email me if you want the exact measurements for the soup (}

And here's the final product!:

My husband was away for another Navy training.  Part way through the training we got to send the guys a treat via a jeep out into the desert.
I chose to make THESE fabulous Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.
These things received 698 five stars on allrecipes.comand I'll tell you why:

As one comment on the recipe suggests, it is important not to over-cook the dough.
I set the timer for 10 minutes and took them out of the oven RIGHT at the beep.  
This is an important tip if you want your cookies to be soft and chewey.

Another tip I'd like to suggest is to dip these babies in chocolate!
Jen at Rook no.17 is always talking about wilton chocolate melts so I picked some up at Michaels last time I was running errands.  

It was my first time using them, but they were very easy to use!  I just popped them in the microwave and stirred 'em up.

The cookies turned out great!

Super soft and creamy and peanut buttery ;)

And here is my 3 year-old son's rendition of the words "Brown Sugar" 
Can you see the words?  
I love it when he helps me in the kitchen 
(most of the time...) ;)



Kristina P. said...

This all looks amazingly delicious!

Lydia Nelson said...

great... now i'm starving!

SHARM said...

Looks yummy and making me hungry...

My name is Becka said...

Wonderful! I've been looking for a peanut butter cookie recipe. :)

Toqua's Crafts said...

Oh so yoummy!!
I have given you an award! Congratulations!

Liz said...

I love Mommie Cooks! Your bread bowl, soup, and cookies look fantastic. Yum!


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