Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A while ago my family took a trip to a local farm.  I'm so grateful for the folks who keep it all nice and clean and visitor friendly.  They don't charge you anything to walk around and visit with the animals.  And the little general store on the side sells candy sticks and toy animals for really cheap.
It was a great day.

Hello Mr. Cow.

Hiya, Mr. Turkey.  Sorry about news.

And hello there Monsieur.

I'm digging the inner beauty.


sheep can't jump can they?

Can they?

Oh, okay good.  He just wanted to stand up and intimidate me for a while.

And now, how about those piggies?

Hey there momma, I'd just like to tell you,
"I am thankful for all you do."

And I think nursing one child is tough.  Look at that little guy on the right!


And that little bum poking out on the left there.

Man, if I didn't know any better, I'd be jealous.  But who knows?  Maybe these guys are destined to be pets?
Yeah, I'll console my little heart by imagining great things for this litter.



Donna Perugini said...

Great photos! They would be an awesome addition to the book tutorial CK gave as an introduction to farm animals for babies.

CK said...

Those piglets are SO cute!


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