Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cookie Tips

The secret to the fluff or the crunch!

Ohhhhh, just looking at this photo makes my mouth water.

I love cookies.  Especially if they include some type of melted chocolate.
I love how even a few days later the chocolate is still soft.
I had a friend once who said that she always thought that chocolate chip cookies had too many chocolate chips in them.


The whole point of a chocolate chip cookie is to have chocolate chips and just enough dough to hold them all together.

Well, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned this year while making batch after batch of cookies:

You can control how flat and crunchy your cookie is or how fluffy and puffy it turns out.
Butter and sugar melt, and when they melt they can crisp up.  So if your cookies always seem to turn out a little too crispy and flat it is because there is just a little too much butter and sugar in there.
If you want fluffier more cake-like cookies, omit just small portions of the sugar and butter (this can turn out sightly healthier... sort of... in a perfect world where you aren't going to eat the whole batch anyways).
I wish I had example photos of how altering the measurements just slightly can make such a huge difference.  I personally like fluffier softer cookies, so if my recipe calls for a stick of butter, I omit a tablespoon of it.  Also, if my recipe calls for a cup of sugar, I omit maybe an eighth of it (maybe more).  Really, your cookies are going to be full of sugar and butter anyways, so it's not bad to hold back.
Likewise, if you really do like crunchy cookies, be generous with the butter and sugar.  More tips can be found on for making the perfect cookie.

For the above cookies, I used the following recipe.  The changes I made were holding back on the butter, the white sugar, and the brown sugar.  I also used whole wheat flour instead of white, but that is a personal preference.  I don't think you could taste the difference in the flours, and I know they turned out slightly healthier this way.

Oh!  And I added three cups of chocolate chips instead of two.  Man were they good.

Hope you have a great day!



CK said...

Great tips Becka

My name is Lydia said...

This is one of my top favorite blog posts. EVER. i feel like i learned a life lesson!

Vicky said...

You learn something new everyday. I thought that my failed cookies were due to me leaving themin the oven too long. Thanks for the tips.

Leah said...

Thank you for this! I am on an endless quest to make the perfect, puffy, chewy chocolate chip cookie. Yet mine always turn out flat and I hate them. So I will be sure to try your tips of less butter and sugar. Thank you!

Liz said...

I like fluffier and more cake-like!


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