Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have you heard?

This is a post I've been excited to write for a long time!

Many of you know that I have a few shops set up on Etsy.  Currently I am selling solely jewelry, but hopefully soon my Bedtime Tales shop will be up and running with new and exciting items.  Etsy has been a wonderful website for me to work with, but I can see how the commitment and fear of how official it is might deter someone from trying to share what they make.  That is why I'd like to introduce a new website to you.  One that I've experimented with and I have to say, 
it's awesome.

People, meet whoopdwhoop.
Whoopdwhoop, meet people.

This new(ish) website is a place to 'sell' handmade items, and 'buy' handmade items, without really using money.  I've 'sold' three items and 'purchased' one now, and the only dollars I have actually spent went to shipping, because hey, isn't free.

In their own words,
It is "the currency free creative marketplace".

Whoopdwhoop uses points.  Points are called 'whoops'.  So every time you post a handmade item, or sell a handmade item, or purchase an item, or give feedback, whoops are exchanged.

So far I've sold the following three items:

A brooch (two whoops).

A pair of Ocean Spray earrings (two whoops).

And a hair clip (two whoops).

I have a few more hair clips on there, but they haven't been claimed yet!
The worth of an item is self assigned.  One whoop is low cost, five whoops is high cost.

The following is what I have bought.  It was two whoops, and so professionally made!

An adorable circus themed crayon rollup.

I love it to death.  Mostly because it is gender neutral, and provides hours of distraction for my two-year-old who removes and replaces the crayons over and over again.

I wanted to share the news about whoopdwhoop because it is so easy to navigate and post items.  It is ideal for those who want to share what they have created without the pressure of up-keeping a shop.  You make what you want, however many you want, you buy what you want.  And it is so easy!

I also wanted to share this website with you because it gets better with every new person who participates.   The more items to share, the more to choose from!

Once I had built up a few points, it was so exciting to be able to scroll through the pages at my leisure and choose what I wanted to spend my whoops on.  Whoops build up fast, and they are fun to spend because it's not real money.

So go grab those beautiful handmade cards you were working on, or that little cross-stitched bookmark!
 Check it out!  You have nothing to lose :)



Anonymous said...

Very cool! My mom felts adorable "stuffies" and does some crazy creative work with wet felting. I need to get her hooked up with this site. She is a bit techno-challenged, though, so it might take a bit for her to get it, but it sounds right up her alley!

Sonia Barton said...

Sounds Like an interesting site, Thanks for sharing. Headed there now.

CK said...

Thanks for sharing Becky


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