Thursday, June 9, 2011

Merry Christmas Honeybear!

Haha!  I think if I actually called my husband Honeybear I'd get the stinkeye.  I've never really been able to use nicknames.  I am great at coming up with them.  I can answer to them.  But calling someone else by something that is not their name?  Even if I try really hard and think it would be so cute and really want to, I just can't do it.

But that's off the subject.

Remember this?
That was a while ago.  It's when I was just learning to embroider.  And I'm still learning, little by little.  It just so happens that I created the following piece for my husband... for Christmas.

And I finished it yesterday.
Yup, six months later, I was finally able to deliver to him his Christmas present.
And you know what the best part is?  His birthday is next week!
If I weren't so nice, I'd just have wrapped it and saved it until then.
Unfortunately he is a really good gift giver.  If I pulled something like that, I would willingly pin on the badge of 'Dweebiest Wife of the Year'.

The picture this piece portrays is the grand dream of a young couple in love.
Yup, a farm.
Actually, we don't want to run a farm for a living, but we want to raise our children on some land where there are gardens and animals to take care of.  Somewhere where we share responsibility.  Somewhere that we all learn together.  A place that we can grow vegetables, and fruits, and flowers.   Where we can learn to be slightly self reliant.

We want to be somewhere that we can help our children learn to play and work and learn together.  A place where we are all kept busy and have no time for the degenerating forces of our world.
Please don't be mistaken.  Our kids are going to a public school.  They will have friends.  And we will definitely watch movies.
But one of my biggest fears as a parent is that my children will not learn how to work, that they will sit and stare at a TV or computer screen all day, soaking in all of the horrid media and expectations for oneself that are flowing from them.

And the scripture is there because it means so much to me.  It was my grandmother's favorite scripture.  There is actually more to it, but I could only fit in this part.
It means that even if our fun dreams of living in the country and having enough money to own land don't come true, 
everything will be all right.

As long as we are trying.


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The Rowleys said...

We have a garden and I LOVE it. Sophie helps me weed and water and today she ate her first peas from it. I can't wait until we have more land so we can do the same thing! I want a huge garden and chickens and ducks!

Vicky said...

Love the embroidery. Well done.
I have similar dreams to you... a bit of land, a bit of self suffiency and trying to protect my children from this crazy world without being overbearing.

Sharm's Outlet said...

I love the new look on your blog very cute... I love your needle work too... I would love to challenge myself but I don’t think I can accomplish something like that... beautiful work... Have a great weekend!

CK said...

Becky! I love it! I love the blue house!

My name is Becka said...

Dude, that is not a blue house. But I do miss the blue house. This signifies the blue house... in my mind :)
Love you!

Donna Perugini said...

You and CK are funny! I love seeing you two interact.
Your embroidery is beautiful and creative. I admire the dream you have behind the idea. You come from a loving heritage, Becka.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ooh, it turned out so lovely!

Liz said...

So beautiful! So delicate! I just love the garden!

And I love your new look here, girls!

Anonymous said...

your embroidery sampler homage piece is wonderfully original and absolutely beautiful. Can't even begin to think of a nicer gift :)

Jenn Erickson said...

Becka, your embroidery is so beautiful and I love the sentiment too. I'm sure your "Honeybear" will appreciate and treasure it forever. Pieces like this, hand-crafted with skill and love, are always worth waiting for.

Thank you for being a part of "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday!

Yours, Jenn


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