Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lizzy's dolls

This is the collection of Lizzy's dolls. She has two, and each is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or her little fist. I've thus far withheld myself from naming them. So far I've named all of her animals for her (horrible I know, but they all just look like a particular name fits them), but I feel some dolls just need to be named personally by their mommies.
I made the one on the left. I didn't have a pattern, so I'm sure I made it a lot more difficult than it had to be. Her legs are definitely different lengths, and yet I really like her. Her hair has sure held up for the many times she has made it into Lizzy's mouth (yuck!). The one on the right was given to her by her great-Grandmother. Lizzy looked a lot like a kewpie doll when she was younger, so this doll is pretty special to us. I also made her dress. I'm still learning to sew clothes. I actually had to sew this dress on to her because i had made it too small.
I'd love to see you're stuff!

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