Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some books

Here are the remainder of my books I've made that are still in my possession. Tis a sad collection. I can only think of a few more that I've given away, so I guess I haven't made that many.
Anyways, I think bookbinding is a beautiful art for those who are truly dedicated to it. I've seen many amazing pieces while I was at school. As for myself, I really enjoy occasionally making an original book, but it is honestly an expensive art and quite time consuming. My scatterer-brained crafty side needs to move on every once in a while.

I really liked how this one turned out. I was not a fan of the idea that there would be no book board in the cover (it's mostly just bendable thick paper), but the fact that it turned out pretty was a surprise to me. The bead I used was acquired while living in Ecuador.

This is actually one of my least favorite books I've made. I hate the raw edge look. I've never liked a braided spine.
Okay I take that back. I've seen many braided spine books that are very impressive, I mean no offense to anyone, they're just not for me. I think some of my dislike comes from the fact that the only one I ever made, and ever will, turned out horrid. I was trying to save on money and bought poor supplies. I do not recommend this. I used the wrong color of paper for the outside cover. The white I chose does not match the off-white of the inside pages. It also has silver splotches. Oh well.

Here's the inside. I'm sad I used my walnut ink paper for this... I wish I had saved it.

I had a purpose for this book. Actually my goal before taking the bookbinding course was to make a book for my children, to write stories in and illustrate for them. This is the closest I got to that realization. It's not exactly what I had imagined it to look like, nor does it have any words or illustrations as of yet, but it will someday be filled with tales of pirates and tea parties. Mostly pirates.

This is one of my first books. It was pretty shabbily done since I didn't exactly understand the teachers instructions concerning the covered corners. But I had fun with the longer dimensions. I also tried painting the edges for the first time. I was totally going for an old classic book with gold pages... but they turned out to be more yellowish. I'm not sure the whole desired effect came through.

Here's the edges.

This is a clamshell box and cover that I made for my husband. The inside of the box is covered in hand-dyed walnut ink paper. I recovered a Book of Mormon that fits nicely inside.

Well there you go.


Carrie K said...

I really like this collection! My favorite is the red book with the tree on the front. PS. I think that the raw edged book is beautiful!

andreamichelle said...

I absolutely LOVE making books, but my craftsmanship isn't nearly as beautiful as yours. I love your new blog!

andreamichelle said...

your bookbinding class sounds better then the one i took. Our teacher didn't know much on the subject, so she had us research out how to make each book ourselves, so we never learned any cool dying tecniques.

Lydia said...

Okay, I'd have to say your least favorite one ( the raw-edged braided one) is one of my favorites. It has a cool look about it. I really like the inside, and I love the off-whites mixed together. Your red one with the tree turned out really good.
I really like the bead you got in Ecuador. Have you ever thought of making beads like this? I think you could make some really cool ones and use them for all sorts of stuff you make.


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