Monday, September 28, 2009

Ooo my first post! In the words of my sister-in-law, "woot woot"; and Stocking Tutorial

I'd like to welcome you to my new blog: Welcome.

As it says on the side right there, I've created a blog to share the things that I create, the ideas of creations, and basically to have a hub for my stuff. I'll be setting up an Etsy shop soon and hopefully you can purchase some of my creations there. Or maybe just go look at it and tell a friend.

I plan to have giveaways that anyone can enter if they help out in my blog. Sometimes you just need to give me ideas, sometimes I'll ask you to promote my shop. I'll explain when it's relevant.

I'll also post simple tutorials for the creations if you ask. By all means they might not be helpful at all, but I'll try.

Anyways, look around, I'll try to keep it updated. You're all invited!

I have relocated my stocking tutorial to this first post. Enjoy!
Cozy Quilted Christmas Stocking Tutorial:

Christmas is officially here, and I thought I'd try making a quilted Christmas stocking. It was quite simple and I wrote out a tutorial so you can make some too!
This one happens to be opposite colors on opposite sides. Here is the back:

Start by drawing out your own pattern. I would like to encourage you to take the concept of this tutorial and meld it to your own perfect idea of a stocking. Some stockings are short and large, some long and skinny, some with a pointed toe topped with bells. My idea is big. I put the dimensions on there for ya. I was also snipping and trimming as I went along. So anyways, draw out your own pattern. Keep in mind that you will need the tip of the toe and the rim on the top to be sewn to the body of the sock, so you need to count in a little extra fabric for the seem. Also, remember there should be about 1/2" seem allowances all the way around. Don't make your stocking too skinny. The small rectangular piece there will be the loop to hang the stocking with.

Cut out the pattern twice, one for each side. Sew together.

To make your stocking quilted like this one you'll need the outer material, the batting, and the quilted backing for each side of the stocking. They all need to be the same size. The quilted backing can be any scrap of material. It will be covered by the inside lining.

Pin all three pieces together and begin machine quilting the pattern you like. On one side of mine I followed the pattern already printed on the fabric. On the red side I made a swirly pattern. To do this I drew the swirls on the quilted backing and followed my own lines. Remember this will be covered by the inner lining.

After quilting both sides, sew together the loop for the stocking to hang by. I didn't have a very good picture of this so try to picture it in your head. Take the long rectangle and fold both sides in to meet in the middle. Then fold them together again, and sew it down the middle or along the edge. This should hide the long raw edges and make a nice long thin piece to loop. Fold the piece in half and tack it on to the top of the stocking. Let it point in towards the middle of the stocking. When we insert the lining it will be flipped out.

Sew both sides of the stocking together.

Now you will make the inner lining of the stocking. Cut out two pieces of fabric the same size as your stocking. Make sure to cut them out with both of the right sides facing each other.
Sew them together. Do not sew up the top of the stocking. Make sure you leave about 5 inches on the tip of the toe unsewn. This is how you will turn the stocking inside out. In my first picture here I forgot to do this, so I had to go back and unpick it.

The next part is kind of tricky. Keep the lining that you have just sewn together turned the wrong side outward. Stuff the stocking (the right side out) inside of the lining. You will be sewing them together this way.

Sew all the way along the top of the stocking. Peek inside before you sew down the loop to hang the stocking with, and make sure it is where you will want it to be.

Now pull the lining out from around the stocking through the hole you left in the bottom. And sew up the hole. Stuff the lining inside. Sew around the top of the stocking again about an inch from the top.

You're done! It's really simple. If you have any questions I'd love to answer them. Just write them in a comment.
Merry Christmas!

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Carrie said...

Woo, hoo! I'm the first to comment on this one. :-) LOVE the tutorial, I very much need to make some stockings this year. Thanks for the tips! I'm off to visit more of your posts... there's an adorable ballerina I must see in the "You Might Also Like" links.

Thanks for linking this up to the First Post Linky Party on my blog!


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