Monday, September 28, 2009

Okay, to start off, here's what I've made in the last while:

Drag-me-around bunny
She's weighted down with rice so she'll swing nicely by your child's side.

Baby chicken in jammies
I specifically wanted this to look like a baby chicken. I feel that there are too many ducks in the world of creativity. Baby chicks need a chance.
Reserved for sister.

Pinstriped Pig
Reserved for sister.

Grapeseed Rabbit
I worked hard on this one. I'll admit, I didn't have patterns for these. I wanted to create one myself, but it's been sort of a guessing game so far. The brown and white stripes by the feet are supposed to be Mary Janes. I know, they look more like brown and white stripes :)

Cherry Red Pig


andreamichelle said...

You ar so creative! you make me want to go make stuff! :)

Lydia said...

This cherry pig isn't reserved? You might have to reserve it for me...

Lydia said...

No I lied I want to buy the bunny too.


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