Thursday, October 1, 2009

My secret passion

I love puppet stages. I've made a few. I don't know why I have this fetish but I do know when it started. In high school I went to a movie with a friend. I don't remember the movie we intended to see, but after seeing the poster for Nicholas Nickleby we changed our minds and decided to see it instead. I had very mixed reactions to the movie itself, but what caught my attention was the very beginning title scene. It was a puppet stage. An all out puppet stage. It had everything. I was enthralled. Since then I've wanted to make one just like it. The closest I've gotten is the big one my father actually made for me for my birthday. (Yes I still get toys for my birthday). He only constructed it, it is still in his garage awaiting to be painted and completed. So now, this is my only stage I actually have with me. It stands maybe 4 1/2 inches tall. My dream is to make stages for my shop.


andreamichelle said...

Very cute!! Have you seen the Olivia book series? there's a book from the series that my book making teacher showed us that opened up into a stage, it was pretty cool.

Rosanne said...

Wow!! You are awesome. I love all the stuff you have made. Those animals are so stinkin cute. Good luck with all that, I'm sure it will do great. Hope you are having fun in Virginia!

Emily said...

Becky! You are so talented! Thanks for the shout-out in your first post. Woot woot!


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