Monday, October 5, 2009

Her Speckle-roofed Home

This is a little house I made from some scrap pieces of material. I found the tutorial here.
It was super easy. The sides did turn out a little skiwampus while I was sewing them on, but I just trimmed them up a bit afterwards. I think it would be awesome to make eight of these and have a whole little village for a little girl to play town :) Andy's little cardboard town on Toy Story always seemed too boyish to me.


Lydia said...

I WANT A VILLAGE. This is soooo cute!! You should try to make a tower! I know that sounds intimidating, but you could so make a cool one. Or make one jus like this house but make it a candy shop with the words "candy shop" all cute on it like a sign, and you could put swirly lolli pops sewed on the window. Or an ice-cream shop. And maybe using green thread you could embroider/machine sew(with small zig zag stitch) curvy and swirly vines boidering the houses you make.

Lydia said...

Okay, your tutorial ROCKS! This is an awesome way cute creative idea! If I could, I'd make stuffed leaves in a heartbeat :) sweet! Your tutorial makes great sense, nice pictures! You are such a splendid homemaker, one day you could be the next Martha Stewart. If you wrote a book one day on this sort of stuff and tutorials and cute decorations, I would buy it. You are so creative with good ideas!


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