Monday, November 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Wow, what awesome responses to my first ever giveaway. Thank you so much for your comments! I really appreciated the ones with new ideas we can try on the blog, so hopefully I can get some of them rolling. As always I just love feedback and I read every comment I receive. If you ever want to say anything about anything, you are welcome to it!

I held my drawing the old fashioned way, I wrote all of the contestants names down on small pieces of paper this morning and had my husband pick one without looking. And the winner is...... Barb!
If she could please email me at that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry I am unable to give away dolls to everyone who entered, if you are still interested in them then please visit my Etsy shop,, throughout the coming week to find more that I will post there. I actually have many of them made, I just need to be finishing their hair over the next few days.

And introducing my slumber party doll! She comes in her comfy cozy pajamas and with a cuddly little teddy bear. A companion any little girl would be happy taking to a sleepover.


Margie said...

boo hoo!! seriously, I'm bummed I didn't win! Brooke is asking me everyday for a ballerina doll for Christmas so let me know when they're in your etsy shop and I'll be making a stop and snagging one. Maybe Santa can even bring it to the Family Christmas party this year. (Are you guys coming back for the holidays?)

Lydia said...

You are lucky. Becky just today put up a new ballerina doll on her etsy shop, and I saw it and was about to reserve it in this comment. But I'll let you take a look at it first :) I don't have any little girls yet, you definitely get first dibs.


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