Monday, November 9, 2009

Pin Cushion

After a few years of losing pins, needles, of scratched wrists, and plain annoyingness I finally updated my pin cushion. The one I've been using came with the sewing-for-beginners pack I bought for my first sewing class in high school. As I remember it there used to be a red tomato too, but all that I have now is a red wristband. I've seen some very cute and creative pin cushions, but the design for my new one is super simple. I really didn't have much time so you can still see a few hot glue gun smudges, but I like it nonetheless.
I took a tiny baby jar and glued some fabric on the bottom and insides. Then i stuffed it to overflowing and glued some more fabric around the top. My original idea was to have the cushion not popping out and be able to put the lid back on. I would love a closing pin cushion. But I realized that the jar was just super tiny and to save myself frustration in the future I nixed the idea.
If anyone has ideas for a closing pin cushion, please comment. I would be very interested.


Lydia said...

Becky. I think your idea for your closing pin cushion was great! The lid idea I mean, it would be perfect. You just have to take the time to figure it out. However, the one you made is absolutely adorable, and it's too cute for a lid!

Becka said...

Lydia, Thank you for your feedback. I made this one with a very tiny jar. Maybe if I used a bigger one I would be able to stick my fingers in better.


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