Friday, February 26, 2010

Bright days and a Spring Tote winner

Busy day. And I've been sick for a while. Ugh, those two don't mix.

I remember just a few times when I was little where I was supposed to stay in bed while sick. I was supposed to doodle in my coloring books. I remember once my mom bringing me in a pack of new stickers. I lay there propped on my pillow thinking that I was so much luckier than my siblings at school.

Those are pretty neat memories. Not the being sick part, but the being coddled part.

Do you have memories like that? Being in a position of distress, but having your mom or dad totally make it all better by treating you like a princess?

I hope I can provide that for my kids.

I made something that a child can play with in bed while sick. Well I made a few things actually (and I made them before I was ill). I was drawn to the different characters you can give to dolls, no matter how small they might be.

These dolls are all about two inches high.
There are a few bunnies, rabbits, fairies, and just some ordinary little girls.

And then of course they all screamed that they needed little homes.

With little gardens.

And some insisted on sharing while others said that they were gonna find somewhere else to live...

I've listed them in the shop.


And now on to the fun business!

The Spring Tote giveaway winner is Mckaylee Ferrell!

She will be able to pick one of the bags from the giveaway and the other will be going in my shop!

Mckaylee, if you could please contact me at that could be greatly appreciated :)

I am truly flattered that so many people entered the giveaway. What a compliment! I will be hosting another one soon in the next few weeks. Something along the lines of Easter and a goodie bag. Sooooo excited! Come back to check it out!


rdk01002 said...

I love these little two inch dolls. When i was little my grandmother made some for me and David. Only we didn't have little houses to put them in. It was more like a little sleeping bag made for five and each little doll had its own little pouch. The sleeping bad would then roll up and had strings on the end to keep it tied up in a ball. I loved it and am so sad that i don't have it anymore.

rdk01002 said...

P.S I would totally buy some.

Megan said...

This is my first visit here and I'm really enjoying browsing around. Your creations are sweet and simple and the best part - there's not a Disney princess or licensed character in sight! Love it!


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