Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun and easy milk jug craft

I found the instructions for this poppin' milk jug scoop in the FamilyFun magazine. I decided that it was too easy and fun-looking to pass up. I tried to find the instructions for it online but was unable to, so here are the simplified steps :)

Cut the top hole and front half of a clean milk jug off (view top photo). I used a knife to cut off most of it and then snipped off the jagged edges with a small pair of craft scissors.
Cut out a bunch of circles from colorful tissue paper. You can trace a circle using something round in your house, and then cut out a whole stack at a time.
Glue stick on the circles.
The instructions say to use modge-podge to seal the circles. I don't have any, so I just used a mixture of elmer's glue and a tiny bit of water and painted it all down.
Let it all dry and enjoy the mess!
My daughter loves her new scoop. She holds onto it and I can finally toss little toys to her without them bouncing off her tummy!

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1 comment:

Lydia Nelson said...

You know what I think? I think you should put something around the cut edges of the bucket so that she doesn't cut herself? Just a thought.

It's suuuuper cute!!!


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