Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching on

My daughter, Lizzy, is 15 months old and is discovering the world full force.

She takes challenges head on. The word 'no' drops from our mouths, bounces off her super rubbery Ignore-You shield and falls helplessly to the floor. My husband observed that she takes her age as an advantage. She knows that we aren't entirely sure when she understands. So it's easy for her to pay us no mind and go on pretending that she just doesn't know what we are saying.

These are her two mini-dolls. I made the one on the left, and the kewpie doll on the right is from her great-grandmother. Lizzy looked a lot like a kewpie when she was younger, and this doll was an instant favorite... of mine.

Recently she has begun to realize that these two dolls can play and interact with each other. I play with one while she acts as the other. I make one of the dolls talk to the other and ask for hugs while her doll responds... mostly by just standing there motionlessly in Lizzy's hands while she watches me get animatedly into my part. But I think it is dawning on her what I am doing. The other day we were playing with them and my doll asked if hers wanted to dance. Mine started to jump and dance and she excitedly caught on. It was cute to see how she made her doll dance. She held it in place on the couch and wiggled and swayed her own body back and forth to the music.

If only life were really so simple.


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