Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Goodie Bag Giveaway!

I've been looking forward to this Easter themed giveaway for so long!  I've slowly been collecting little goodies to fit into this little bag, and I'm so excited to find out who gets it!

It's full of fun little trinkets to get your creative juices going, like easter egg ribbon and the cutest little bunny stamp you've ever seen.  I almost wanted to keep some of it for myself.

See the little list of followers there on the left?  I will be randomly choosing a winner from one of MadeByBedtimeTales' followers this coming Monday, the 15th.  Please share the news with at least one other friend, the more the merrier.  
It's super easy to sign up!  Anyone can participate.  

Make sure you come back on the 15th to find out who wins.  If the prize isn't claimed by the winner within 24 hours of it's announcement, I will have to choose another.

I hope to get one of you started on your Easter cards soon!

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