Monday, March 15, 2010

Starbursts and Easter Giveaway Winner

A Joann's fabric store is closing in a nearby town.  Poor town.  I'd almost feel bad for them except that the reason they are closing is so that they can relocate their store to my town!  Mine!  Yay.  I took advantage of their close-out sales, and came home with some of this sweet stuff.  

There are good things and bad things about close-out sales, it's all at a great price, but it has been nit-picked to death.  I wasn't able to find black or white thread for instance.

And this little trinket is the reason for the given title of this post.  My daughter loooves wallets.  She loves digging through them and pulling out all the cards so she can hide them under the rug.  I felt it high time I made her a play-wallet for all of those oh so insignificant and unused old cards you always have stuffed in your wallet taking up space.  

As I was picking the colors I thought I wanted it to be bright, and this is a little on the warm side I think. The colors remind me so much of candy starbursts.  
Red, pink, yellow and orange.  Yum!!!

She loves it. 

And the winner of the Easter goodie-bag giveaway is:
Jamie, if you could please contact me at that would be wonderful!


Lydia Nelson said...

That is THE cutest little wallet ever. I am a HUGE fan of the mustard yellow outside fabric. so so so awesome

andreamichelle said...

The wallet idea is very cute. Ethan still loves playing with my wallet. I'm jelous that you found a close out sale on fabric...:)

Emily said...

Becky, that's brilliant! Cassie is really into wallets right now and I told her we would get her one...but I hadn't figured out exactly how to do that yet. I'd love to buy one if you make another like this one!

Carrie K said...

Really cool wallet! I think you should put these in your shop!!!
PS I'm really sad I didn't win the easter goodie bag :(

My name is Becka said...

I've had a few more people ask about the wallets, so I will probably make a few more. Thanks for your feedback!

Marie said...

Way to go on the closeout sale! Cute fabric choices too.

Lydia Nelson said...

Um... could you make me a wallet just like Lizzie's?


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