Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you give a Becka 10 min.

If you give a Becka 10 min...

Then she might decide to sit down and make a rush check on some of her favorite blogs.

And while perusing one of them she will notice that their entire post is about doughnuts!  

All of the pretty pictures will make her think that she needs one too.

So she might ask you if you will run across the street to the conveniently located Dunkin' Donuts and grab her one please.  And she will remind you that her favorite flavor is maple :)

She will be so happy when you get home, but when she pulls it out of the bag and sees it resting on it's white tissue paper, she will remember that she likes all things sweet to be eaten with a nice glass of milk.

So she might ask you to make a dash to the grocery store as well.

And then as she is walking from the kitchen with her treat in hand she will see that her lovely one year old has decided to take a well-timed nap.

So she thinks this might be a good chance to enjoy her doughnut while sitting at the computer perusing some of her favorite blogs....

And notice that someone just posted about Easter candy!


*The first link and doughnut pic are from Bakerella , and the second link and Easter pic are from Little Bit Funky !
*This post is dedicated to my little sister, who loves giving children's books :)


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thanks friend! you get a long ways with ten minutes. :) happy day to you!


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