Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keeping it simple?

Isn't it crazy how holidays just seem to creep up faster than you can plan?  By the time I realized it was Easter I figured it was too late to go all out.  Having just a one year old kinda helps in pulling off a simple year.  I stopped at the dollar store and bought a few candies and eggs for an Easter egg hunt, mostly for my husband's and my enjoyment in watching her search for the colorful eggs.  

But while at the store I saw an adorable dish cloth that was the perfect size to try this project.  She loves to help me out as I cook.  Yesterday the corner of our pizza was devoid of any cheese, she's a natural at snitching cheese whenever the food presents itself.  So of course I figured if I splurged and bought it this could go nicely as an Easter gift.  Something about the colors remind me of a popular bunny food.

As you can see I drastically changed the design.  I wanted the straps to all be connected for the ease of little arms trying to dress themselves.  I got the idea from here, but changed it to fit what I envisioned in my head.

Then my sister suggested I add ruffles.  And how could I not?


andreamichelle said...

Very cute apron. I love your new blog banner, it's very cute.

Carrie K said...

umm... can you make me a couple of these? One for each of my toddlers? I'll buy them if you put them in your store...

Tina said...

Love the apron! I totally know how you feel. We have found that they cherish the memories and small goodies more than they do when we go nuts! That said we sometimes do go overboard more for us than them :)

Lydia Nelson said...

The ruffles turned out great!


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