Thursday, March 25, 2010

They hold what?

I made some more play wallets, and have a few more all cut out and ready for me to find time to sew them up.  I even have one in boy fabric.

For this time around I decided to take a bit of my own approach and quilted the fabric before I sewed them up.  I think they look a little more snugly this way.

Plus it makes them sturdier.

Actually I have to be honest.  The first wallet there was designed to be a play wallet, the other two are meant more for adults.  

Yes children can still play with them too, one big pocket is easier to stuff cards in than a bunch of little ones.  But I thought they looked more sophisticated.  A bit more Little Miss Dainty.

I imagine you could use these easy peasy flap books for quite a few different things.  
They fit dollar bills wonderfully. 

Ever want to make a dash to the store without your whole purse and bulging wallet?  
This sweet thing would be perfect. 

I've finally found a place for all of my loose recipes floating around the kitchen.

And while I was stuffing all of my coupons into a torn-up worn-up old envelope I thought of these sitting in the other room on my sewing table and was so tempted to commandeer one for my couponing purposes.  

Don't worry, I saved them for you :)

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Tina said...

Looks great! You are so creative


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