Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easy doll dress

When we first moved to this apartment I scouted out all of the stores within walking distance.  Across the street a little way was a cheap old dollar store.  Cheap cheap.  I went in for a dollar broom and some scrubbing sponges.  Imagine my surprise when I looked above the cash register at checkout and saw on a shelf up high a baby cabbage patch doll!  Totally flabbergasting, no idea why it was there.  Anyway, I forked out the $10 (I got the idea this wasn't a regular item) and figured I could change this bald little boy doll into a girl without too much of a hassle.  

So now I've made a sweet $10 cabbage patch doll into a great gift for my daughter with loads of little dresses to come.  I did a bit of research online for quick and easy tutorials.  Here are a few I've found.

This first one was found at Wiener dog tricks.  I used the tutorial to make the dress above.  

Totally my kind of tutorial.  Easy and simple.  There isn't even a pattern, you just use scraps.

I added the button to hide a bit of the stitching, and pinched the sleeves into little pleats because her shoulders are so small.  I'm in love with the old fabric.

The second tutorial can be found at Obsessively Stitching.  The idea is that you use baby clothes you already have.  I haven't tried it yet, but it is definitely on my to do list.

And the last one I want to share is also from Obsessively Stitching .  She shows how to scale down a baby onesie to fit a doll.  This one looks a little more complicated.

I'd like to point out that if you are wanting to create your own doll or children's clothes, it's quite possible to use something you already have as a pattern.  Turn the old outfit inside out and cut out pieces that are similar.  Work your way through it and you can quite often come out with something you had no idea you could create!

That's what I did with this last outfit.  The little baseball uniform is what the doll came in, so I just took some of my scraps and copied it.


andreamichelle said...

I'm not very good at sewing, but you make me want to go sew stuff.

Lydia Nelson said...

I love the last little outfit that you made by looking at the baseball outfit! You are so talented and smart! LOVE IT!

My name is Becka said...

Andrea I KNOW you'd be a great seamstress! Go for it! I'll bet I'd be learning from you in no time :)

--ginger. said...

SUCH a good use of the baby dress tutorial--you're a genius. High five!


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