Sunday, April 25, 2010

So long?

A week and a half since I posted last?  A week and a half?  I'm afraid that could leave you with the wrong idea.  I haven't forgotten my blog, or you.  I've just had a couple of HUGE projects set in my doorway, and I need to pick them up and finish them one at a time, whilst not forgetting my little family.
Basically life catches up with you sometimes, and although I normally love to blog often, sometimes things pile up.  I think this might be normal.

There are soooo many fun things I will be finishing and posting about in the next few weeks.  We'll get there.  We can get through this.

But until then, here are some super fun projects for you to enjoy.  I love featuring artists I find on Etsy.  So inspiring.

I love how elegant simplicity can be.  You can find this mug at redhotpottery.  They also feature little nesting bowls and cups.  I love little pieces to put my jewelry in.

Paper box elephant puppet, found in jackiehaltom's shop.
Can you believe this!  A moving elephant in a world of beautiful designs!  I love the colors.

In Krakracraft's shop I found these charming dolls.  They are so unique.  Again the colors make me so happy inside.  This shop has me hooked right now, go check it out!

Occassionally I like to look into handmade cards and their graphics.  I died when I saw this little guy and how anxious he was to tell you something.  So sweet.  He's in diskgrunt's shop.

Oh how I would love to have one of these in my entryway one day.  The colors are so bold, aren't they fun?  OldNewAgain has amazing home decorations from wood.

And this one is for all you quilters out there.  DashasCreations are simply beautiful.  This makes me want to go make a quilted bag myself!

I hope some of these inspire you!  I love looking through my Etsy 'favorites' and seeing what they are up to!

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