Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just something fun...

I made a few extra aprons for a friend of mine.  She has a boy and a girl.

The girl's was much more difficult because I wasn't able to find the type of dishtowel I like to start out with.  It was not wide enough, hence the added stripes.  And I wish I had been able to find one that wasn't mostly white.  
I still like how it turned out though.  Ruffles can fix anything:) 

The fire truck apron was much more fun to put together. 

Despite what it looks like in the photo, it's not crooked :)

And here is something I need your opinion on.  This little lamb was something I had in mind for a while, and I like how she sewed up.  The only thing I can't be happy about is her little face.  I was going for sweet, but I don't think I got it quite right.  My husband says she looks a little depressed... I'd have to agree.  Maybe something having to do with having a bit large of a nose.   Or maybe it's endearing? 

What do you think?  I need opinions so I have a happier next batch.

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Angela said...

Hey Becka, lovin the blog!!

About the little lamby- I am not sure if you would like this idea but when my mom made us dolls growing up she always added a little blush (from her own make-up) to all our dolls. The little lamby might just need some rosy cheeks. I also remember as a little girl, when our dolls cheeks would turn white again we would ask my mom to add more blush. It made us happy!! Just a thought!

Tina said...

I love the big nose and the blush idea! What if you turned up the corners of her little mouth a bit, and put the nose/mouth a little higher on her face? Worth a try :)

Lydia Nelson said...

I like those ideas as well...

I'm not sure how you would change it without completely changing the look of your cute little lamby, but the downturned ears definitely make her look a little blue

My name is Becka said...

Thank you SO much for the comments!
I never would have come up with the blush idea on my own. I will definitely work on giving a little lift to her expression. You girls are so sweet for commenting.

Thank you!

andreamichelle said...

i agree with the idea of turning up the mouth just a tad.

loved1 said...

What about bringing the eyes closer together and changing their color, maybe blue? With some blush on the cheeks? I think thats a really cute idea! I never would've thought of it myself!

All in all, the lamb is adorable! Got me thinking about making my little guy a lovey :)


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