Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken machine

Becky's sewing machine is broken.  I thought I'd make up for her lack of post with this:

Sewing Machines: So That’s How They Work! 

sewing machine

I stare at it for hours and I am still confused.
Good luck fixing your machine, Becky.



andreamichelle said...

that is so cool, i could stare at that forever just cause it's cool how it works.

Lydia Nelson said...

I didn't know your machine was broken!! I could stare at this for hours...

liz said...

That is mesmerizing! I literally watched it go around about a dozen times. I didn't even know - until I took my sewing class - that there are really 2 spots where thread comes from with each stitch! Yikes, right?! :)


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