Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A couple quick fixes

I've been blessed enough to find some amazing finds at the thrift store and church swaps.  With such tiny kids around, sometimes you take what you can get.  We are on a super tight budget right now, so to find summer clothes for my growing girl I sometimes have to get creative.  We found some new plain white Gerber tees at the thrift store.  Three brand new tops for just a couple bucks!  But white and plain as can be...

I've figured out what to do with two:

This first tee I thought was pretty tight.  I used an awesomely simple Crafterhours tutorial to fix that!  I simply added fabric down the sides.

I love the peek of blue.

The second I chose to save as a layering shirt.  I thought it would go great under this sweet tank (also thrifted), but I had to take in the sides of the tank first because really?  my baby is not that wide.

So how did I take them in?  Well let me tell you :)

I laid it on top of a nice shirt that fits her loosely, so that it will fit well layered.  I then pinned along where I would want the new seem to be.  This is all done while the shirt is inside out.

I noticed at this time there was a funky split on both sides at the bottom.  I wanted to keep these so that there would be moving room.  

I sewed along the pins I marked, and ended just above this split.  I then trimmed the edges 1/2" out and added a zigzag stitch so as to help with fraying.

I folded the edges around the clip in twice and sewed them down, reinforcing along the top of the split.  It looks a little messy, but I was just copying what I found on the original.  Actually mine looks cleaner on the inside.

And here's the finished product.
Honestly I've never refashioned much before, but I'm finding that in just 20 minutes sometimes you can fix something up nicely so that it is perfectly wearable.

Now what to do with my last tee?  I've always wanted to try freezer paper....


Carrie K said...

SOOOOOOO cute Becky!

Yaya' s Home said...

These are adorable. Have you considered using tie-die on the last tee? It would totally change the look.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Home

My name is Becka said...

oooo, tie-dye! I've actually never tried tie-dying anything. What a great idea for a learning adventure!

liz said...

thanks for stopping by and for the comment love! i came to check out your site, and i'm sooo happy i did! i JUST took my very first sewing class last week! i bought a couple kits for simple projects that i want to try.

My name is Becka said...

ooo, kits? Now I'm dying to know what your projects are!

Donna Perugini said...

Good job, Becka! I did many changes on clothing as my children grew.

Your sewing ideas and little stuffed creations are innovative and fresh.


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