Monday, May 3, 2010

If you're happy and you know it...

Eat a smore!

They're one of my favorite late night treats.  Okay, I don't eat them all that often, but they can be a good motivator.  If I am a good girl throughout the day, and feel like I have been exercising healthy eating habits, I let myself have a treat at the end of the day... you know, after the kids are in bed.  

So lately it has been smores.  With all those extra graham crackers laying around, I can't help it, they are so simple and so delicious.  I can't help but fully enjoy my tiny relaxation time ending up in a sticky gooey mess.  When I was in high school I went through a similar phase and learned that my favorite way to eat a smore is not around a campfire, but near the microwave.  This way the marshmallows blow up to jumbo size while being zapped, and the chocolate gets melted too.  Melted chocolate is a zillion times better than hard chocolate.  I think that's why we let it melt in our mouths.

Recently we have been using some really old chocolate chips, or at least I think that is the problem, because they don't seem to be melting in the small amount of time the marshmallows can be microwaved....  Either that or I might have piled a few too many chips on there.  Anyways, my husband suggested that to remedy this we let the chocolate chips melt slowly on a graham while in the oven, and then fit the product to it's marshmallow covered cookie counterpart when they are soft enough.  I personally think this is a lot of work for a smore, so I was willing to eat my chips hard.  Well the other night, just to show how manly and awesome he was, he prepared something like this for me, (without me knowing of course).

And boy was it a little piece of heaven.

The nice yellow lighting is due to the lack of bright sunlight late at night.

Observe how he neatly and painstakingly lays out the chocolate chips in an orderly fashion.
... The marshmallow mountain is my own doing.


And now to some fun stuffs.

I finally found time to finish making the quilted wallets for youngsters I cut out (quite a while ago unfortunately).  Here are the results!

My daughter is still very happy to receive our old and no-longer-needed cards that get booted from mommy and daddy's wallets.  She continues to stuff them into her own kiddy version and feels quite accomplished when she can get them into the pockets all by herself.

I find these to be a fun and creative teaching tool, with the added perk that my little one gets to feel all grown up.

These three will be up in the Bedtime Tales shop by the end of the night.

Have a great evening!!
... and after the kids are in bed go round up the spare graham crackers and marshmallows.  You know what to do :)


Lydia Nelson said...

I call the purple and turquoise wallet!!

andreamichelle said...

smores sound good now...dang it.I'm gonna have to go buy more grahm crackers...:) very cute wallets.

Ronnica said...

I haven't made s'mores in a while, and it's probably best that I don't. Ice cream is enough of a distraction!

My name is Becka said...

mmm, ice cream....

Lydia Nelson said...

that is a looooooooot of chocolate on the cracker.
guess what!? i know how to say chocolate and cracker in ASL!... and guess too!

liz said...

you are one dedicated lady to lay out those chips! i keep seeing more and more cute sewing projects as i move through your site! i want to get my sewing machine out right now!


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