Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boppy Cover redo

There are a lot of things I think a boy can share with his big sister.  But a boppy cover like this:

is not one of them.

Boppy covers are quite expensive, and I was not excited about the idea of forking out a bundle for some boyish pillowcases, so I decided to make my own.  A while back I found this tutorial on Grosgrain, that explains how to sew one from scratch.

I found the instructions easy to read, and the pictures were very helpful.

I was even able to sew in my very fist zipper!  

I used fabric I already had for both sides of the boppy, and the zipper is actually picked off of an old baby jammy I found at the thrift store (I had no plans to go to the sewing supply store any time soon, so I made due with a repurposed zipper).  

I think the only advice I would give is to allow extra room when tracing the boppy.  You don't want to sew it all up and find out it is too small.  Then if the cover is too big once you put it on, it is easy to sew it down a size.  You can do this by turning the cover inside out and sticking it on the boppy, then pin around the pillow so that it fits snuggly.  Take it off and sew around the pins.  I had to do this because I made the arms a little too long.  I will forwarn you though that if you use ricrac as a trim, sewing it down a size will be harder because you will have to pick out around the ricrac.

Or you could just get it right the first time like she does in the tutorial :)


And as a side note, can I tell you how helpful it is to have a 1 1/2 year old around the house?  Cleaning up something like this:

just gets that much easier when they decide to 'help' by grabbing a wet wipe and pushing the goopy mess around themselves.  After all, that's just what you're doing right?


Coming up is a great idea on how to alter a pink toddler's bed into something any little boy would be proud of!

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andreamichelle said...

i wish my mom would deliver my grandmas sewing machine she gave me so that I could do these projects, they all look so fun.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Great plan to reuse the old boppy. I love the masculine cover :)

Lydia Nelson said...

That was your first zipper you've ever sewn and it looked that good!? Wow, I'm jealous, it looks amazing!

Ms. Understood said...

This is the smartest thing ever. I was shopping for a friend's baby shower at Babies R Us. Those covers by themselves are like $30.


I am going to pass this on to my sewing daughter....since I don't...but she does. Right now, she has two girls never know.

Megan @ Bug Creator-Crafts and Life said...

wow great job! I have not gotten over my fear of zippers yet ! :P Thanks for linking up with LINK IT UP SUNDAY @


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