Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Princesses to Cars Bed

This post features an old project.  I found this bed at a garage sale 
(the blanket and sheet are my own)

But I don't have a girl toddler... 
I have a boy toddler 
(and he already had a cars themed blanket)

Sooo... viola!
A cars bed!

And here is how I attached all the fabric covers:  velcro!

I LOVE velcro... Oh it saves so many projects.  

I didn't have a pattern but I just turned the bed up on end.  I traced the head board and sides of the bed on some newspaper and used that as my pattern.  I cut my fabric to be a couple of inches wide on each end so it would fit well.
I sewed it all together and used velcro to keep it in place.
(and no, this didn't take me just one nap time.  I'm not NEAR as good a seamstress as Becka...
but lets pretend it was easy and quick, right?  lol)


Tomorrow we have a new doll to show you, come and visit!


Ms. Understood said...

Amazing transition! You did a great job, even if you aren't a seamstress extraordinaire.

liz said...

Kate would love it both as a princess bed AND as a cars bed!

Papgena Made It said...



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