Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rambunctious Velma

This is Velma:

She looks so mild and tame...

but really, she is 

When I walk into the house, she is so happy to see me that her whole
body shakes with joy.
Her tail wags, her paws tap the floor like she's dancing.
She jumps in the air with a little twist, almost like she is clicking her heals!
She's rowdy, she's boisterous!  She's uncontrollably exuberant!!!  

(She always looks like she is smiling.)

She sits when you ask her to... but only for 3 seconds.  Then she's up again sniffing, jumping, dancing, moving.  She loves to lick :P

Velma came to us through a good samaritan (Christine) who found Velma in a bad situation.  Christine couldn't take the dog in but was was trying to find her a good home.  Christine knew Velma was special, worth saving.

When I originally met Velma, she was tied to a foot long, tangled chain outside a trailer home where ten or fifteen other dogs clamored for food and attention.
Because Velma had been abused, I was worried her canine, defensive instincts may lead her to be
rough and aggressive.

No, not Velma.
Turns out she has always been the sweetest, most-happy-to-meet-people dog ever.
And she's so good with kids.
I admire her resilience in tough situations.

We've had her almost 3 years now.
She was named after the character in Scooby-Doo
(The original owners had another female dog named Daphne)

Here is a picture of her right after we tried to shave her... she looked like a rat with a lion's mane.
But she didn't care how awful she looked.  She was still so happy-go-lucky as ever ;)

My Rambunctious Velma.

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Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet dog. So glad you were able to give her a good home.

liz said...

It almost looks like you photoshopped Velma's head onto a different animal body!

Good use of rambunctious, and I'm thiking 'exuberant' should be a future word.

Amy said...

What a cute dog! And great story about how you gave her a home. It's always fun when you get home and someone is so glad to see you, isn't it?

andreamichelle said...

She's so pretty! I think it's sad how some people treat animals, so i'm glad she has a good home with you now.

Ms. Understood said...

LOL!!! What a happy girl. Big dogs are sooo loving. My big dog climbs in my lap and because she thinks she weighs 7 pounds instead of 70. Love her to death.


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