Friday, August 20, 2010

Bloggy Friends Part 4

This patchwork is for Ms. Understood

She writes about life and love and stories that stay close to her heart.
I so enjoy her comments and thoughts.
I really like her stories that reflect on love and that is why I chose to draw a picture of two people holding hands.  They are supposed to represent her and her husband, I suppose.
I know she always wears pink so...
I made her a copy of the patchwork with pink fingernail polish  ;) . 

One of my favorite post written by Ms. Understood's tells the story of her wedding song.
Her blog posts often motivate me to reflect about my own experiences.
Visiting her blog is like going home to a comfortable, warm place.

Ms. Understood is also a part of a new, great project called Tell Me Something Good.
This blog is all about building community between women and discussing real topics every day.  I really enjoy this blog as well!
Thanks so much Ms. Understood!  


Ms. Understood said...

Oh my gosh . . . I think I wanna cry (I'm a cry baby, forgive me lol). Thank you so much. This was so sweet, unexpected and very appreciated. It is so funny how we linked up blogs today without one knowing what the other had planned. You and Becka definitely have A Lovely Blog and congrats on your award.

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic CK


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