Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Child's Hand Project

Today we made this project.  I love scrap-booking paper but I don't keep a scrapbook.  This project was fun and easy and I think my husband will like it.

Instead of framing this project like the original instructions suggest, I made it into a card to send through the mail.  I put my son's interview on the back of his card.

Child's Interview

Mommy: I have some questions for you.
What’s your favorite thing to do with daddy?
S:  Eat with him
M:  What do you eat with him?
S:  food

M:  Where do you eat with Daddy?
S:  at the restuwant
M:  whats your favorite book to read with daddy
S:  a little kids book!  I love little kids books.
M:  What’s your favorite thing to play with Daddy?
S:  Alligator!
M:  How do you play alligator?
S:  like this [claps hands in a snapping fashion]
M:  Where do you play alligator with him?
S:  At the park we look for alligator stickers for my alligator chart.
[I don't have any recollection of my son playing this with my husband, lol]

M:  What does daddy’s face look like?  
S:  he looks like you
M:  He looks like me?  
Does he have long hair like me?
S:  uh huh
M:  Really?
S:  uh huh
That’s just a joke!  I’m so silly
M:  what does he look like?  
S:  he cuts his hair becuase he’s a boy
M:  What would you like to tell daddy?
S:  to make apples for me
M:  Is there anything else?
S:  I want to tell daddy i made a school!
M:  Do you love daddy?
S:  uh huh
M:  Do you want to give him a big hug?
S:  uh-huh!  and a cracker!


andreamichelle said...

That is really cute, and I loved the answers.

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Looks like a great interview! :) Glad you had fun with it. Thanks for the link!

Ms. Understood said...

He's a regular Geraldo Rivera. Great questions and answers and cute paper project.

Jackie said...

Love this! What a darling idea!

Josh Healy said...

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What I Did Today said...

These turned out sooooo cute! And the interview was precious.

Papgena Made It said...

Oh what a precious project!
The answers are amazing!
I'me sure your husband will love it!

Lydia Nelson said...

"and a cracker!"


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