Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Handmade Treasures

My husband's mother is a wonderful seamstress.  I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful pieces she has sewn for my children.  They are so neat.

This little outfit was actually one she made for my husband when he was a baby.  He was blessed in it.  

How sweet is that little bow?  And the straps?!  Oh my.  I almost want to cry thinking of how she must have felt holding her little boy in this outfit.  

She brought it with her when she came to visit us.  I was so excited for the opportunity to have my own little boy blessed in it.  He had grown so much though that he only fit it for one Sunday!  Wow wee.

And this is the blessing dress she made for my daughter.  My daughter was tiny, and this fit her perfectly.

You can't tell from the image here, but it is actually quite long.  I love it when blessing dresses are long.

Look at the detail!

And this is the dress she made most recently for my daughter.  It really makes me want to learn to sew children's clothes.  I love the style of this.  Lace just does me in.

And I declare that this is one of my all time favorite fabrics.  I just love delicate designs.  And the colors are so subtle.  They remind me of a story about Cinderella.

I think one of the things that makes a person beautiful is when they share their talents by taking so much time on a gift.  That's really when I think a gift becomes a treasure.


CK said...

Wowzers! These outfits/dresses are incredible! I can' believe they are all hand sewn. I really like that outfit for your husband. What a cute idea.

What I Did Today said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! And what an awesome mother-in-law you have!

Papgena Made It said...

They are treasures, indeed, and gorgeous!
Each one has love sew all around...your mother-in-law is a remarkable woman, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! My mother made a lot of clothes for me and it was magical hearing the sewing machine and knowing it was something for me, and sometimes she'd make a matching outfit for my doll!

Lydia Nelson said...

Wow these are amazing.

andreamichelle said...

seeing these makes me want to sew. I am terrible at sewing so far because I never learned (lack of patience) to use a pattern or really any real sewing techniques other than the basics, but when I see such beautiful things like this I want to learn to sew.

liz said...

those truly are treasures! i had kate wear my baptismal gown for her baptism, but now maddie is having one made from my wedding gown!


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