Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rump Roast and Red cabbage

You know those meals that remind you of home?  Meals that remind you of the whole family around the table and your heritage?
Well that is what the Mom Food Project is all about.  Serene gathers stories and recipes that remind her friends of home.  And then she gives the food a try and teaches us all to remember how the dinner table can be a nurturing and loving place when we remember our family.

So this meal is one that reminds both Becka and I of home.  Every summer we stayed with our German grandmother who made this delicious meal weekly.  It was served along side beautiful desert cups of jello, each topped with a dollop of whipped cream ;)

So, here it is...
Rump Roast marinated in a mixture of vinegars for a little bit sour flavor:

Sweet and sour Red cabbage with crumbled bacon.

(Cutting into Red cabbage is quite an experience!)

And small Round potato dumplings from Panni.
(My favorite!)
(And Grandma isn't here at my house to tell us we can only have 2 a piece...)

And the BEST part is... ginger-snap gravy!

Ooo... this gravy is good.  Easy to make.  You pour the juices from the marinated meat into a sauce pan.  Let it cool and then add 3/4 box of Nabisco Ginger Snaps.  Yes.  COOKIES!  Reheat it until it thickens.  

(pronounced ashaa... for my Romanian friends)

It's so good.  I pour it over the entire meal for a great blend of sweet and sour flavors.
Reminds me of home.  We ate it with friends:

I feel that I must make an apology to my friendly- healthy/foody/vegan blogs which I usually link up to when I post recipes.   This meal doesn't cut it in the health department. 
But it is Mom Food.
And every once in a while, I believe, we need to appreciate our family heritage and rediscover what we used to eat together as a family.
I called Grandma and we had a good talk.

And I have linked this post up to the ABC Food Challenge for the letter R at the Double Dipped Life!  This Link up challenges us to prepare a meal full of foods that start with the letter R.
Hence the scattered, colorful Rs.  

Peace out,


andreamichelle said...

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of ginger snap gravy. I've never had potato dumplings either, so I'll have to try that sometime.

Vicky said...

ginger snap gravy? that is a new one to me. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it one day.

The Double Dipped Life said...

Love it! The Ginger Snap gravy sounds really, really good. Thanks for linking up!

Shelle said...

I also must try this ginger snap gravy!! Sounds delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is just fabulous! I've heard of gingersnap gravy on sauerbraten, but I've never known anyone who knew how to make it. I wish you could come to my house and cook it for us! But I'll have to settle for making it myself. I promise to blog it after I do, and send you the link.

This post makes me really happy.

Jackie said...

OH! This is making me miss my girls!

citymouse said...

This is pretty cool. I am thinking about what family dishes are part of my history.

I love red cabbage. Very cool that your grandmother made it for you. Yummy!

The Mommy Mambo said...

Gingersnap gravy? I'm so puzzled as to the flavor sensation this could ignite that I may just have to cook this one day this week!
Gingersnap gravy?
Who knew?

Liz said...

did i see 'bacon?' :) i really love red cabbage, actually.

My name is Becka said...

I'm so excited to try this Carrie!


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