Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If they could talk...

I'd love to know what they're sayin'.  Any ideas?



Ms. Understood said...

Sensible - Where are you going dressed like that?

Eccentric - What? You don't like my fancy pants?

CK said...

Boring Belle: Where did you get those pants?
Elly Enchilada: From my sweet, chillin' artsy peeps!

Lydia Nelson said...
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Lydia Nelson said...

Left: Hey CK
Right: HIYA Becka!

CK said...

why am I the one with crazy pants?

Ms. Understood said...

LOL!!! That was a good one Lydia. CK look at your pic, profile pic, you have to be the one with the crazy pants.

Kristina Churchill said...

You have won an award ,please check my site!

Do you know what time it is?
No, just flyin' by the seat of my flamboyant pants

Love your blog,

Busy as a Bee in Paris said...

Now where on earth do you think you're going dressed like that?
To the moon, Mom? To the moon.

blackhuff said...

Left: "I wonder how much this lady is going to wash us over and over and over again?"
Right: "That's why I'm deciding to take a hike. Bey now!"

Anonymous said...

Housewife on the left: "That's a new style, what do you call it?"

Housewife on the right: "What happens when your husband does the laundry and doesn't check the kids pockets for crayons."

Megan @ Bug Creator-Crafts and Life said...

Left: I see your trying to relive your childhood during the 80's.

Right: Oh yeah ? Well at least I am not embracing my inner mom jeans.

p.s. thanks for stopping by the blog :D


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