Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Pink Whale- in print!

I have had so much fun making these books from start to finish.
You can see the entire story (text and illustrations) here
I printed each page out on 4x6 photo paper.
I made some copies for friends.

What I like about this printing method:
-I have complete control over how many copies I make and I can personalize each one
-It's fast, easy and practical 
-Within the plastic covers, the pages are well protected from little grubby hands...

like these ones...

And I am excited to announce that one copy of Little Pink Whale will soon be in the shop accompanied by the Little Pink Whale stuffed toy!  What a pair they will make!



Ms. Understood said...

Awwwww . . . . and it looks great. Soooo . . . when can I purchase one? You know I had to ask.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

well done!!! That is fab :) and oh so cute!!!! ♥

Jackie said...


CK said...

Mmm.... don't know when they will be in the shop. I just have to work out a few details with Becka. Should be soon ;)

Tell Me Something Good said...

Thank you for following Tell Me Something Good blog. Tomorrow we'll be talking fashion. Come back and join in.

andreamichelle said...

that is awesome, good job.

liz said...

I bet they sell like hot cakes!

Serene said...

Aww, cutest thing ever!

Donna Perugini said...

What! You did this and didn't tell me??!!

You know I have to purchase one. Put me on the 'make one for her' list.

Donna Perugini said... will be making me one and let me know how much for it.

You know, this would be a great compliment to your guest posting on my site. We can use the book with your description of how you pulled it altogether. Lots of photos would be great too! I know there would be people wanting to purchase if you can make more. How about it? Are you ready for another guest posting?


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