Wednesday, January 12, 2011

double stuffed oreos

I like this picture.
I like that it is a mellow warm color of brown.
I like that it is set sweetly by a window.
I like that it has cookies in it.  And that they are filled with cream.

When I was little I used to carefully open each cookie.  I would then take a butter knife and scrape out the cream of each of them.  I'd collect it.  I'd get the eating of the actual cookie over with, and then hunker down and eat the best part:  the cream.

It was never as good of an experience as I had envisioned it.  
Somehow the cookies and cream compliment each other.
As does the milk.

Anyways, although I like this picture, it is sort of funny in a way.  That glass and the cookies are resting on a masonite board which is balancing precariously on a small box set on top of another box.  
Sometimes I wish I could see what is really going on in the background of a picture.

I like this blog.  I wonder sometimes what others must think of it.  The title might sound misleading.  When I started this blog I had plans.  Life has a way of changing plans without telling you.  Sometimes all you can do is set down your project and follow along.
I still have plans though.

Sometimes when I read a blog I wish I could see what was going on behind the window.  
I set up scenes to take pictures.  Sometimes I am in my pajamas until 2pm (really, who's going to see me?), there are cracker crumbs all over the house, and I lay out a pretty piece of fabric in front of the window so that I can take a nice picture.  
I should take a picture of me taking a picture...

Anyways, my point is that if I absolutely had to choose, I'd take double stuffed oreos over regular (single stuffed?) oreos any day.

I mean, who wouldn't?

-Becka - who keeps forgetting to sign her posts.  Poor CK probably goes nuts because she is blamed for them all.


Lydia Nelson said...

I think it's really profound what you say about "I should take a picture of me taking a picture".
I... have a great article for you.

Sonia Barton said...

Mmmm Oreo's of any kind! We love the blog, The title fits you theme, I didn't question it when I saw the toy icons. Life is life just go with the flow!

Living in Taradise said...

nom nom. double stuff. nom.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...P.S. I would be more than happy to hug some kiddos for you! Uganda is my heart!

the sleepy time gal said...

i'm with you... double stuffed is much better. love the photo. :)

Rachel said...

I am also a double stuffed girl. I like your blog!


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