Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Green" Puppet Stage

Some day I envision Becka and I crafting inside a large garage/art studio with the door wide open so we can feel the sunlight and summer breeze while we work.  Becka will be standing at the scroll saw, carving out beautiful, ornate wooden puppet stages.  I'll be designing digitally illustrated backdrops and puppets to go along with each stage & storyline.  The finished puppet stages will be treasured in homes all over the world.  They'll be pulled out to share around the fire place where friends will gather to tell old legends or made-up, imaginative tales with their kids.
... some day...
*sigh*  haha ;)

Well, until we get that dream up-and-running, we'd like to present to you a small, printable DIY puppet stage pattern for you and your family to assemble at home!

The puppet stage is "green" because it up-cycles a large, empty kleenex box.

The only other things you need for this project are some scissors, glue, cardstock and popsicle sticks.

After making this puppet stage with my kids, we had a ton of fun acting out the puppet show script for Daddy before bedtime.  

Because the script is full of ad-lib blank spaces, we can reenact the story over and over giving it a different twist each time.

So, feel free to print and assemble your own "green" puppet stage!
We hope you like it!


This puppet stage was recently featured on I Still Love You by Melissa Esplin


SHARM said...

I liked it very very much... and thanks for posting it...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to give this a try!
...visiting from SITS...

Gina said...

Oh, my gosh, this is the cutest thing! We're on a law student budget around here and I'm always looking for fun ways to reuse things around the house in fun crafts!


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