Friday, February 11, 2011

A Handmade-Book Drive

Remember this handmade toddler book?

This sturdy, easy-to-make, easy to-wipe-clean, children's storybook is simple to customize and SO fun to make!

Well, I am very excited to announce a little project I've got coming.

But first let me backtrack a little to explain:

Have you seen Sarah Hanson's Dolly Donations blog?
She posts news on handmade dolly drives collected for kids all over the world.
I stumbled across her blog months ago and I was just enamored by all the work and love she put into this service.
Now, if you know anything about how I grew up or what I did in college,
you will see why I am always trying to find ways to reach out when I can to children in other countries.
When I saw Sarah's blog, I knew that I immediately wanted to help, but the problem is...
I don't make dolls, I write stories! (Sewing dolls is my sister, Becka's, job).

That's why my discovery of Katie's darling, handmade toddler book pattern seemed like a super treat for me!  I figured, "maybe I can contribute to the dolly drives by making handmade books for the kids!"

Whew!  Now that's a lot of background to explain for this project.
I have since done some research and had a number of discussions with Stephanie, the director at Abundant Ground.

We have talked about designing a few illustrations that inspire joy and hope for some children in Haiti.  We will compile these illustrations in small, 5x5 toddler books (made like the ones on Katie's blog) and wrap them up as gifts for the children, ages 2-6, at the Croix de Bouquets orphanage.  
I am so excited about this project and I kind of have a hard time working on anything else.

Here is my first, finished illustration.  The words read, "souri eklere jou m" which means "smiles brighten up my day."  

Here is another illustration I would like to use, straight off of Sarah Hanson's blog:

(This is a beautiful, sewn wall hanging she made for the children at the orphanage!)

I am sure that the project will evolve as we move forward and the illustrations will change over time.  I already see ways in which I can make the "smiles" drawing better.  But I am so happy to finally get started on this idea that I've considered for months.

We would love to have you follow along and even print the illustrations to make your own copy of the book for your children or even a child in Haiti.

We'll have more info and tutorials to follow! 
Please stay tuned!



Donna Perugini said...

Wonderful, Carrie! The illustrations are looking really good. It will be exciting to watch how it all progresses.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sonia Barton said...

How wonderful, I can visualize a ward service project, learn a craft do one for you and one to donate! I'm ready! Great Vision CK.

Liz said...

You girls are so amazing! What a fantastic project idea!

Katie said...

This is great!

Papgena Made It said...

I love the idea! and your drawings are beautiful! Best of luck for your project!


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